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I'm Krista McCullough, a multi-disciplinary artist working within AR/VR development, fabrication, and illustration. Drawing on the inspiration from the physical and natural worlds, I create immersive environments within digital spaces, making interactive installations, virtual reality simulations, games, and increasingly more fabricated sculptures.

I am currently studying at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design where I will graduate soon with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Web and Multimedia Environments. I currently reside at the University of Minnesota’s Interactive Visualization lab, creating graphics and models for various projects, as well as researching and developing new ways to create meaningful interactions between the physical and the digital, utilizing movement, gesture, and clean UI's. Between my work and studies, you can find me participating in game jams, watching TED talks, and straight crushing it at dodgeball.

TL;DR I make things, let's talk!

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    Twitter: @knm_xyz
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    Github: @mcculloughkn
    Contact me at: hello@knmake.xyz

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